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Our Philosophy

The human body is a complex and efficient machine that works tirelessly and in perfect sync everyday to let us do what we desire, this is known as “Samatvam” or the “balance of life”. At times we tend to lose this balance due of injuries, illness or lifestyle conditions.

At Recover Physiotherapy we are dedicated to helping you get back on your feet and finding your balance. Our aim is to treat the body as a whole, through an integrated approach and deliver customized treatment programs tailored to your needs. To know more please feel free to contact us with your queries or go through our programs.


For Individuals

We offer holistic outpatient services to patients suffering with anything from simple joint pains to those who require complete neuro-muscular rehhablitation. Our specialized treatment protocols are customized for each patient and will have you back on you feet and living pain free in no time.

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For Corporates

At Recover Physiotherapy we work with high performance organizations to improve employee well-being by delivering programs tailored to increase wellness, performance and mindfulness. Our programs help overcome mental and physical challenges and deliver a sharper and happier workforce.

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Why Recover Physiotherapy

Expert Care

The best possible care, you can get for all your rehabilitative and therapeutic needs.

Accelerated Recovery

Customized Treatment Protocols ensure that you are pain free ASAP.

1 on 1 Attention

Enjoy dedicated face to face sessions in a private and comfortable environment.

What our Patients Say

  • Dr Anjanaa’s physiotherapy has been very helpful to me. She always asks for feedback and tailors the sessions accordingly, so that we pace things in a way that is best for my recovery. When I ask, she is happy to explain her methods, and this open and very positive attitude also makes the sessions enjoyable as learning experiences for me.

    Deepa Agashe
  • I had a ligament tear a few years ago and had difficulty walking. Within 10 sessions of physiotherapy, Anjana helped me recover to almost normal state. The exercises given by her were very effective in helping me heal. Her understanding of the body and its mechanism is great. The exercises are very precise and address specific issues in the body without tiring us. I haven’t met many physiotherapists or sports trainers who have the kind of knowledge and can help achieve such results within a short frame of time.

    Reethika Sunder
  • It was after many painful physiotherapy sessions with different therapists that yielded no results, that I went to Recover physiotherapy. Under the guidance of Dr. Anjana, who is a very positive, cheerful and approachable person, I could feel a visible positive difference in my situation within a few days. The sessions which could have neen extremely painful was done with an ease and comfort under her constant supervision and guidance. Would surely recommend her to all my folks.

    Kavitha Varma
  • I met Dr. Anjanaa when I had a knee pain , in just one session she could understand my discomfort and her therapy of exercises and constant positive motivation helped me greatly to reduce the pain. Her intuitive knowledge of her science is remarkable and it translated into speedier recovery for me. Not only I gained confidence but made a friend whom I feel I can call anytime .I would certainly recommend her should any referral comes up.Thank you Anjanaa and I am now working on my first 5K.

    Bhuvana Ramaswamy
  • Anjana has fixed a nagging cervical issue. She spaces the sessions perfectly and is very adjusting to the schedules of the patient. Recommend very highly.

    Ashish M
  • I first visited Recover Physiotherapy 4 years back for treating ligament tear(Grade 2) around my ankle…. She did an amazing job and in just few sessions and doing all the exercise she gave I have had no problems after that …. And another thing I really like about Dr. Anjana is that she’s very friendly and has a very positive vibe…. I would definitely recommend her to all my friends.

    Nrithika Sathya
  • I am an amateur runner and was facing some form of pain around my heel after a hard run or a very long run. Anjana was very helpful in rehabilitating me to ensure that i could make it for my races. She helped improve my stability and balance and helped strengthen my weak muscle chain links so that i could be prepared for my races.Rest assured you are in good hands as she understands the issue and criticality and helps explain clearly what it takes to resolve the injury. For the record this comes from a guy who has run a 3.19 marathon, 1.26 half marathon and a late 39 min 10k. Anjana is cheerful and chatty which kind of works for me as it helps me not focus on the pain and tough exercises and helps me get through the various exercise sessions.

    Henna Mulleth