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Pain Management

Chronic Pain can be a daily struggle due to injuries, RSI, poor posture and other reasons. A customized rehabilitative program can get you back on track and help you enjoy the quality of life you deserve. 


Our wellness programs help you manage stress, improve your nutrition and achieve work-life balance by incorporating a simple mental & physical fitness regimen


Whether you are an elite athlete, a weekend warrior or just getting started, we have a comprehensive set of programs to take your performance to the next level

Womens Health

People suffering from Asthma & Allergies have significant irritation that impacts their quality of life. We offer a combination of Yoga therapy mixed in with a healthy nutrition plan to help counter and mitigate the effects of these allergies.


Our expertise in the treatment of musculoskeletal (muscle and joint) conditions can help you relieve pain, manage injuries, improve recovery time and Improve your flexibility, muscle strength, quality of movement, and co-ordination.

Cancer Care

Physiotherapy can help patients recover and build muscle mass, improve bone density and gait, along with providing an additional channel of pain management.

This accelerates functional recovery from their specific conditions.

The Recover Physiotherapy Advantage


Customized Programs

Custom built protocols ensure that you meet your goals or get back in action at the earliest. Each program is tailored for you.

Accelerated Recovery

Multidisciplinary and Guided programs ensure that you meet your goals in the shortest time possible.

One on One Attention

Our protocols and consultations are designed to give you personalized 1 on 1 attention with your specialist.

Minimal Intervention

We work with your doctors and consultants to build a recovery program that minimizes or eliminates the need for surgical intervention.

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I'm a runner and was facing pain in my heel after long or hard runs, Anjanaa was very helpful in rehabilitating me to ensure that i could make it to my races.
Hennah Mulleth
I had a ligament tear a few years ago and had difficulty walking. Within 10 sessions of physiotherapy, Anjanaa helped me recover to almost normal state.
Reethika Sunder
VP - Blockchain Operations
Swych Inc
Excellent results, solved Quadratus Lumborum & piriformis syndrome in 5 days flat and sorted out a dehydration cramp as well Highly Recommend.

Sathya Sankaran
Ricochet Run Bangalore

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